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Lucia Read
Lucia has been in publishing all her life. She was the Typesetting Manager for Walken Graphics (Englewood Cliffs, NJ), Production Manager for Ablex Publishing (Northvale, NJ), and Director of Editorial Services for Humana Press (Totowa, NJ).

Recommendation from Thomas Lanigan (deceased),
Publisher, Humana Press, Totowa, NJ, June, 1993
To Whom It May Concern:
Ms. Lucia Read has for the last two years been the Director of Editorial Services for Humana Press, a publisher of research-level scientific books and periodicals; for 1992, this encompassed some 25 new books and 70 issues of our nine research journals.
Initially employed as a copyeditor/production editor, Ms. Read rapidly advanced to become manager of a departmental staff of approximately 10 in-house production editors, typesetters, and graphic artists, as well as of our regular and occasional freelancers, assuming full responsibility for all of Humana's copyediting, proofreading, galley correction, and page makeup operations, as well as final repro preparation. Ms. Read was always well in control of the many parts and aspects of this work, exhibiting a high level of proficiency in its execution. Beyond her supervisory role, she maintained an active roster of personal editorial projects, and presided over notable improvement in both the efficacy and efficiency of our in-house publishing capabilities.
Throughout the period of her employment, Ms. Read demonstrated exceptional organizational skills, which were particularly evident in her special ability to bring publications into print on schedule under extremely difficult circumstances, overcoming both institutional and external obstacles to their scheduled completion. Moreover, in the course of her duties, Ms. Read had frequent occasion to interact with Humana's authors, editors, and suppliers, in which contacts she never proved less than vigorous and productive.
Although Ms. Read's interests have now led her in another direction, we firmly believe that she will provide skilled, effective, and extremely disciplined performance in whatever new endeavors engage the special portfolio of experience she has successfully developed these past years.

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